Your key to quality

KELA is a BELGIUM based company that specializes in the manufacturing and worldwide sales of pharmaceutical products. We produce in full respect of the GMP guidelines. We are a long-established leading producer of both veterinary and human pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements and cosmetic preparations, with a rich history of over 70 years. We distribute our branded veterinary products, KELA and PHENIX, to more than 85 countries all around the world.

Your Animal’s Health

ANUPCO is our UK based manufacturer and worldwide distributor of animal health products under the ANUPCO brand. Our high quality pharmaceutical products are manufactured according to GMP standards. We have a strong focus on nutritional formulations for both livestock and companion animals. ANUPCO also acts as distributor of KELA branded products within the UK.
Healthy animals. We care.

KELA Veterinaria is our distributor for the BENELUX –area. We distribute veterinary products, feed supplements and health care products to our customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. We take pride in supplying products of impeccable quality and offer our customers a tailor-made and flexible service.
We support your health.

KELA Pharma is our distributor of human pharmaceuticals in the Belgian and Luxembourg market. Our product portfolio is of outstanding quality and we offer our customers an excellent service in order to satisfy their needs.